Entrepreneurs to seasoned corporate executives are the target of Curtis Nelson’s book, The Recipe for Business Success. The book is a compilation of decades of proven business practice and theory rolled into one, easy-to-follow “Recipe.” Filled with real-world stories that drive home the learning experience, The Recipe is designed to be a strategic analysis tool, and it is applicable from start-up entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500® boardroom.

A recipe for success, whether business or culinary, requires a finite set of ingredients and specific execution. Each ingredient and amount is equally important as is their related quality, and all must be matched to the outcome desired. Also essential are the proper guidance, the talent to execute, and the required resources. Straying from the simplest of recipes creates results that range from mediocre to catastrophic.

Business Report Card

In “The Recipe”, Curtis Nelson employs decades of successful business experience, defining required ingredients, and how to create them. You will learn how to assemble a balanced and talented leadership team, to understand the definition and value of a true business leader, and to learn what resources are critical to business success. Unlike typical business books and seminars, you will create a “Report Card” on your business “Recipe,” and walk away with actionable opportunities to improve.   If you run your business “off-recipe,” success will be reduced with performance that is lower than your potential. If you execute a well-balanced business “Recipe,” success will be easier and net results will be greater. Read the book, go to a seminar, create your “report card”, and build a better business!