Report Card


The Recipe for Success “Report Card” provides owners, executives, and investors a practical tool for overall performance assessment and improvement. Translating new ideas and enthusiasm from a book or a seminar to actionable long-term benefits is difficult to impossible. Business owners and executives consume great content on a regular basis. They are inspired with great ideas and intent, but are quickly pulled back into the tactical world of working “in” their businesses rather than “on” them. Investor’s find it difficult to identify the reason(s) for under performance of portfolio companies, and lack the insight to provide the tailored guidance required.


The Recipe for Business Success “Report Card” provides a serious business tool by which business owners and leaders can:

  • Identify critical areas for improvement
  • Set priorities and establish goals and timelines
  • Be reminded of required actions
  • Manage accountability
  • Measure progress
  • Create a winning business “Recipe”

The “Report Card” provides a quality measurement tool by which investors can:

  • Calculate and score the risk and viability of a potential investment
  • Identify and provide the needed guidance for current investments
  • Maximize the performance of portfolio companies and overall return on their investments

If you measure and monitor a business’s overall “Recipe,” you make better business decisions. Whether you are a new business leader, investor, or a seasoned pro, The Recipe for Business Success “Report Card” will improve your success.